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Official D Givens is a content creator, upcoming author, writer, photographer, motivator, employee advocate, reader, educator, knowledge seeker, humble, and friend.

I’m also the CEO of D Givens Photos and the Vice President of Digital Marketing & Sales at Kidney Trails

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kidney Trails, D Givens is responsible for conducting advertising research, researching competitors’ pricing and products, selecting an appropriate placement for an advertisement, determining what content will be most effective, and publishing digital marketing content online. Furthermore, she handles the booking of speaking engagements, live shows, and other events on behalf of Kidney Trails’ CEO.

As an author, D Givens writes on a variety of topics, including health, social media education, business education, motivation, self-help, inspiration, fiction and non-fiction, funny Stories and more.

‘Official D Givens’ is devoted to delivering a unique experience that will lead to lifelong success for her companies and Kidney Trails.

It’s her goal to grow Official D Givens, Kidney Trails and D Givens Photos’ clientele, develop their potential, and gain recognition in their fields.

D Givens is committed to maintaining a culture of honesty, reliability, respect, and professionalism.

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