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Get up off that … Work For It

What do you complain about the most?

What’s my complaint? Hmm that’s an odd question for me, but let me think about it. Actually, I’m mostly frustrated that I’m not motivated to reach my goals. I’d like to accomplish a lot, but I lack motivation.

When I don’t feel like doing something, I always talk about not having the motivation. There’s a huge problem here, and I need to fix it. Nevertheless, I’m making some progress. Although progress has been slow, it’s been steady.

So another thing I complain about is, let’s change it to regret instead of complain. Health-wise, I regret not taking better care of myself. This might also be related to my lack of motivation, which is what I complain about most.

Basically what I complain about the most is my lack of motivation. It’s my hope that whatever you complain about in life gets better for you so you can start seeing some results.

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