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Get, get, get your snack on

Snacking is the downfall of many otherwise healthy diets, but the good news is that you can learn to control it. In addition, if you still want to snack during the day, there are ways to do it without ruining your diet. It’s difficult to stay on track with your diet when you like to snack, but it’s worth the effort to keep your body healthy.

If you want to lose weight, eat smaller meals every few hours instead of three large meals. Having six small healthy meals a day will stop you from snacking too often and keep your energy up.

Getting rid of temptation can also help you stop snacking. Ask yourself if you’re really hungry before you eat or if you’re just eating for boredom, taste, or compulsion (like watching a movie). Having a snack if you’re really hungry is fine, but if you snack for another reason, try to remove the temptation. Make your house junk-free and don’t shop for these things again.

Spend your money on healthy snacks instead. Make sure you’re eating healthy snacks. Would they fit in the same food groups as fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, or protein? If you answer no to that, then the snack probably won’t be beneficial for you. Snacking on carrot sticks (vegetables), yogurt (dairy), or whole wheat crackers (grains) is better than candy, potato chips, and processed foods.

Don’t forget your drinks when you snack. Soft drinks, fruit punch, iced tea, lemonade, and juice boxes all have unnatural ingredients and lots of sugar. The short version is that they’re high in calories, but low in nutrients. Instead, drink healthy drinks to supplement your diet. Red wine is an exception, since it’s helpful for your heart, but alcohol in large amounts is bad for you.

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