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Let yourself take a break

Do you need a break? From what?

Is it time for a break? Yep, I’d like a break from these hives and joint pains. As someone who suffers from chronic hives and joint pain, I can attest that it is a very tough time. I am in pain at least six days a week and deal with hives constantly. NSAIDS cause me severe reactions, so I cannot take anything for the pain or to stop the itching.

Having to deal with it makes working long and hard. Since anxiety makes things worse, I try to relax after work. However, I suffer from anxiety, so I find this difficult. However, regardless of the hives and joint pain, I remain grateful and happy. It won’t stop me from pushing forward. If you are experiencing something that you feel you need a break from, then it is important to give yourself a short break, and then keep pushing forward as it will get better as time passes. I encourage you to keep pushing forward.

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Stay blessed


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