Chatty Business

Go big

Sometimes we get caught up in competitions or our egos scream for attention when all we really want is to unleash our brilliant gifts. Your brilliance can’t be taken with you, so aim high.

Change can be hard for some people. We often rely on what we’ve learned as children to survive, thrive, and fit in with others. Many people have fought for survival and every scrap that came their way, while some have adapted to change and thrived in the midst of change. It takes work to unlearn these old beliefs and dismantle them.

There is always room for win-win. You can create amazing changes when you are able to see beyond the ego and recognize the abundance that is available. A team with people like this is uplifted, the energy soars, and amazing creativity emerges. In a culture driven by scarcity and competition, this is much harder to do, sustain, and elevate.

Throughout my career, I’ve learned that the high road is often the better path. It’s not about judging others wrong or believing yourself better. It’s about knowing your truth. Stay true to yourself. Stay away from competition. Visualize the vision, experience the outcome, and give freely what you have to offer the world. Nothing from this life can be taken with you. Be what you can for the world. You lose what you don’t give.

Bringing about positive change and serving others becomes less important than how it is accomplished. Even though you may feel hurt when others criticize your ideas or take credit for your innovations, remembering the benefits for all will often ease the pain. Your key is evaluating whether it is serving a common good before offering yourself. Being grateful for your contributions would bring you peace. The time may come to move on to a more collaborative team and a more receptive and appreciative audience.

Achieving your purpose and living your passion will be rewarding. The recognition will come. It is the heart & soul that will always triumph over the mind & ego. As you travel along the journey of your career and life, you’ll need to stay true to your inner brilliance. Make sure these negative experiences don’t undermine your worth. The negative experience is not you. It is often the negativity we experience from others that reflects more on them than on us.

Our lenses, gifts, wiring, and experiences differ. Diversities are gifts of life which bring us together and create a society, a solution, a technology, etc., for the benefit of all. Be confident when others fail to see your vision. By staying true to yourself, you’ll attract the right people, the right opportunities, and the right support. Be humble and aim high.


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