Chatty Business

Take this modern approach

The modern approach to this method is collecting e-mails from your targeted customers and posting your ads and latest deals. This is a cheaper and less time-consuming approach compared to snail mail.

Before releasing any product in the market, product testing should be done by having samples you can give to targeted customers. Their feedback makes clear whether the product is ready to be released in the market or whether changes should be made to make it more appealing to the public.

You can approach friends, acquaintances, partners, and clients at first to test your product and once you get their feedback you can then go to the public. Make sure you address your customers and clients and let them know how much you appreciate them for their contribution to making the product popular. Customers can also be thanked by offering special discounts and gifts. After gaining popularity focus should be on retaining the reputation rather than taking things for granted.

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